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Alabama Workers’ Compensation

The “Heart of Dixie” as it is nicknamed, Alabama is the 22nd state of the United States of America.

If you are a worker in this state, you will enjoy the following basics of worker’s compensation through the Workers’ Compensation Division.

1. Accident or Injury Compensation

When a worker gets physically hurt while working, Workers’ Compensation Law (WCL) covers his or her hospitalization and medical costs.

2. Illness Compensation

When a worker gets sick while working like when he or she has been exposed to toxic substances or allergens, WCL covers their treatment costs.

3. Recurring Injury Compensation

When a worker suffers a recurring injury while working, WCL also covers his or her medical costs. These injuries may be those common occupational injuries like respiratory illnesses, skin disorders, and hearing loss.

4. Leave Wages Compensation

When a worker’s injury or illness forces him or her to take a leave from work, WCL subsidizes some percentage of the missed wages. He or she may receive this benefit when he or she has been missing work for more than 21 days and after a three-day waiting period.

Moreover, when the injury or sickness persists, the following compensations are given:

1. Ongoing Treatment Compensation

When a worker needs further medication even after returning to work, he or she is given compensation for the needed physical therapy or additional treatment.

2. Funeral Costs Compensation

A worker who dies from a work-related cause, the family receives the compensation for the funeral costs.

3. Disability Compensation

When a worker has been temporarily or even permanently disabled, he or she receives workers’ compensation. Permanent partial disability payments can be paid weekly or in a lump sum. (The Hartford, 2022)

However, certain conditions must be met to avail of the above-mentioned compensation for workers.


1. The worker must work for an employer who is covered by the law.

2. The injury must be from an accident.

3. The accident must have been during the time of duty.

4. The worker must have notified the employer of the accident at least five to ninety days following the incident (Alabama Department of Labor, 2022).

Finally, the WCL’s purpose is to give immediate and necessary help for the workers when they incur an injury, an illness, or a disability during their employment (Washington, Garrett

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