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Facing criminal accusations, investigations by law enforcement, arrests, and formal charges can be highly stressful, scary, and overwhelming. These actions typically put you on the receiving end of the criminal justice system, which can significantly impact your life. On a personal level, the anxiety and uncertainty about the outcome can be crushing. 

Furthermore, criminal accusations can lead to social stigma, reputation loss, strained personal and work relationships, and legal penalties. Depending on the circumstances, you could face significant jail or prison time, hefty fines, and a permanent criminal record. Criminal records can be accessed by future employers, landlords, educational institutions, and professional licensing agencies, limiting life prospects.

You need a skilled and trusted lawyer to defend against all repercussions of criminal allegations. At Elizabeth Hunter, you can turn to an attorney who is aggressive and uncompromising in providing the steadfast representation and support you need. 

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    In order to better understand your unique situation and to craft your aggressive strategy, we listen first; then act.

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    With years of experience serving clients across a wide range of practice areas, Attorney Hunter boasts a long history of excellence.

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    We know that the legal process can be intimidating; we prioritize being available when you need us and keep you updated at every step.

  • Empathetic Approach

    Most attorneys can understand different perspectives, but we truly empathize with you and care about the person behind the case.

Our Criminal Defense Services 

We defend all criminal charges, including but not limited to the following:

Assault Crimes

Assault or battery is committed when one person attempts to or physically strikes another. Elements of assault can include intent, recklessness, or criminal negligence, and charges can range from a misdemeanor to a felony. 

Domestic Violence Crimes

If the victim and the person accused of committing the crime are in (or were in) what Alabama calls a domestic relationship, then the crime is called a "domestic violence crime." These charges can range from felonies to misdemeanors. Three degrees of domestic violence crimes can be charged in Alabama:  first, second, and third degree.

Drug Crimes

Whether facing possession, distribution, manufacturing, or other charges related to controlled substances, we are experienced in defending you in state and federal courts. 

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Fraud Crimes

From identity theft to forgery or other types of financial fraud, these are complex crimes requiring meticulous investigation and a strategic defense plan. Attorney Hunter is skilled in uncovering potential weaknesses in the prosecution's assertion that could lead to positive results.

Sex Crimes

In Alabama, several different offenses fall into the sex crimes category, but they generally involve illegal or coerced sexual conduct against another. People convicted of sex crimes, regardless of severity, are considered “sex offenders” by the state and face having their names added to state and federal sex offender registries.​

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The Importance of Legal Representation in Alabama Criminal Charges

Facing criminal charges is a serious and often complex situation. The ideal time to bring in our criminal defense firm is as soon as you believe you are the target of a criminal investigation by state or federal investigators. Early intervention can protect your constitutional rights and advance fair treatment. 

Attorney Elizabeth Hunter can provide valuable guidance on the best course of action to take in your specific case. She can identify potential defense strategies and develop one tailored to your circumstances. Where applicable, she can negotiate with prosecutors to potentially secure a plea bargain or reduced charges, which may lead to a more favorable outcome than going to trial.

Having a lawyer by your side in court proceedings gives you a professional advocating for your best interests throughout the legal process. After investigating the evidence against you, Ms. Hunter may be able to challenge potential weaknesses or inconsistencies. She can also forward all relevant favorable factors for consideration in your defense. 

If you are convicted, you will further need a lawyer to advocate for a fair and reasonable sentence, presenting mitigating factors and arguments to potentially reduce the severity of penalties.

Our firm has access to resources, experts, and tools that can strengthen your defense and increase the likelihood of a positive outcome. With the assistance of Elizabeth Hunter, you can potentially minimize the risks associated with criminal charges, avoid severe consequences, and protect your prospects. 

Contact us online or call (205) 900-3815 to book a free consultation with our attorney today. 

    "1000 Stars"
    Mrs. Hunter is the real deal, she listens to everything you have to say, her words back up her actions and she really means business. If I could I would give her 1000 stars. The best lawyer to work with.
    - Key H.
    "Exactly What I Was Looking For"

    Exactly what I was looking for from a law firm. The team was extremely professional and responsive with all my concerns and inquiries. 5/5 will do business again.

    - Steven H.
    "We Are Forever Grateful"
    She deserves more than five stars. She’s young and very educated, knowledgeable, and knows the law. She is upfront and doesn't sugarcoat things. She’s definitely the one to hire.
    - Marquia T.
    "Outstanding People Skills"
    She crossed every 'T' and dotted every 'I' possible! She has outstanding people skills and she's very understanding; she helped me get back to freedom and my kids. I can’t thank her enough.
    - Antuann T.
    "Got My Charges Dropped"
    Attorney Hunter is A1 at her job, she got my charges dropped in my first court appearance and I’m sure she could and would do the same for you. 5 stars aren’t enough. Thank you!!!
    - Matthew K.
    "She's My First Call"
    Mrs. Hunter was the best choice I could have made. She was firm with the DA but had empathy for my mess of a situation. She went the extra mile. She will be my first call if I ever need her.
    - Kathrine P.
    "A Passion For Her Clients"
    Attorney Hunter has the best communication in the city. Very attentive to details, she makes sure not to miss a single piece of information. She pays attention to everything you have to say and considers it.
    - TyRe M.
    "Responsive and accommodating"
    If you're looking for a lawyer you can count on, choose Elizabeth Hunter Law. They are responsive and communicative from the start and work tirelessly for their clients. We were very satisfied with the outcome of our case. They are affordable and accommodating. Deserves a 5-star rating!
    - Jennifer W.

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Criminal Defense FAQs


Have questions? We are here to help. Still have questions or can't find the answer you need? Give us a call at 205-900-3815 today!

  • Should I Answer Questions from Law Enforcement?

    No! Perhaps the most famous clause in your Miranda rights is “You have the right to remain silent.” We strongly recommend you exercise this right to the fullest! Once you are placed under arrest, law enforcement is required to read you these rights and ask that you understand them. Once they do, you are legally entitled to refuse to answer any questions without an attorney present. We strongly recommend that you do so and give us a call right away!

  • Am I Going to Jail?
    Not necessarily. You may be detained briefly once you have been arrested, but law enforcement will be required to release you after a brief period if they are unable to charge you. Likewise, the penalties for any convictions can vary and do not always include jail time. A skilled attorney can argue on your behalf and negotiate with prosecutors in the event that strategy is more beneficial. To learn more about the specifics of your case, request a personal consultation as soon as possible.
  • What Is the Difference Between a Misdemeanor and a Felony in Alabama?

    In Alabama, misdemeanor offenses are far less serious than felonies. Generally, a misdemeanor offense can only be penalized by up to one year in jail, whereas a felony could be punished by up to life in prison and beyond. Misdemeanors may carry fines of no higher than $6,000, whereas felony convictions can carry a fine of up to $100,000.

    When it comes to criminal records, misdemeanors are far easier to seal or expunge once the matter has been completed. Felonies, on the other hand, are much more difficult to expunge and, in some cases, may only be expunged in extremely rare circumstances. Those with a felony conviction on their record also lose a number of rights, such as the right to vote, own a firearm, or hold certain positions of employment.

    With so much riding on the line, it’s pivotal to retain the services of a skilled criminal defense attorney if you may be facing felony charges. Call (205) 900-3815 for a case evaluation today.